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About Kristena

Through years of school, study, research and life experience, Kristena has developed a deep understanding of human behavior and can help you see the true you. It is nearly impossible to see ourselves objectively and she is uniquely qualified to help you see your blind-spots and your individual resiliency. She will walk with you through decision making and goal setting for improved wisdom and clarity in your choices.
Kristena is owner and operator of Core Living Essentials for over 8 years. She has certified and worked numerous years with other companies in similar coaching processes. She has also taught for LDS Social Services, served a mission in the Addiction Recovery program and is certified in Suicide ASIST.

Coaching Process

Have you ever been lost, even though you had a map? A map is useless if you don’t know where you are. The most useful map is the one at the mall with the little red arrow that says, “You are here”. Core Living Essentials has that map for you so you can successfully chart your present and future goals. Is what you want really what you want? Life is an emotional and mental challenge, causing stress, depression, insecurities, drama, anxiety, and fear of loss and failure. Core Living Essentials is a program to help you over come your deepest fear and to develop keys that will give you control of your life, emotions, stress, and future. After any or all of these programs, you will be uniquely equipped with ways to find peace, structure, improved confidence and to meet life’s challenges with strength and resiliency that will out last the stresses and storms that come your way. Your relationships will no longer be headed for a downward spiral of divorce or emptiness.

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