Disappointment Cycle In Marriage


Seasons of disappointment can cause us to feel empty or they can empower us. We make that decision by how we use disappointment. When our marriages are filled with pain and we feel vulnerable, we easily become distracted and focus on our pain not the relationship. These seasons really are life lessons. But if we focus more on the lesson that needs to be learned, we diminish the pain- that is our goal.

What does this have to do with a doughnut? A doughnut makes our mouth water. We can see the sprinkles and taste the sweet stuff. We focus on the doughnut not the hole. Yet the hole is there for a reason. It is to make the doughnut cook without a doughy center. It would not be as good if the center were raw.

Liken that to our lives; every one of us has a hole or something that seems to be missing. Our job in life is to focus on the doughnut not focus on what is missing. Look for the good in others not the holes. We can learn to even celebrate that part of our partner. You may even find that hole is endearing and you can’t image them any other way. Allow your disappointments to fuel your understanding. You will be empowered.

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