Exercise Your Relationship Muscles

Unknown-3We are all aware of the proven fact that if we exercise our physical muscles, we become stronger. In reality this is a fact in all areas of our life. If we feel weak in any areas, we can exercise the principles that govern that area. This also includes our relationships, whether they are with our spouse, children, neighbors, and our friends.

The following are the keys to strong relationship muscles:

  • Forgive quickly – It doesn’t matter who wins or losses. We have so much more joy and peace when we remember that relationships are more important than being right.
  • Compromising- When it is not against your principles, we make a stronger connection to meet at least half way. Or to at least listen to their side. You do not have to agree but validate others just by listening to them.
  • Encourage growth and learning- At times we need to let go of our own fears to allow others to find their own path.
  • Trust- The best relationships begin with a deep trust, and when problems come up trusting will keep you strong.

If there are issues in any of these areas, you can find solutions. The more you practice these 4 areas, the more you can connect with and strengthen relationship muscles.

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