Illusive Happiness

Unknown-2Illusive Happiness  

Did you know, you can grow your happiness? Don’t let the thought or need to be perfect be the enemy of what really makes you happy.


  • Take responsibility for your actions. When you realize what part of the problem you are, then you can change it. When you make things better, life starts to feel good.
  • Find joy and passion everyday. Yes, we all have hard times. We naturally look for the negative in life. When we look for the harder good, we can find the good. Smile and look for the good, even in small things.
  • Be passionate even in daily drudgery. Be amazed at how clean the dishes are or how inspiring your work is. Flipping hamburgers can be an art.
  • View challenges as opportunities. There is something to learn in every situation in life. Learning and growing brings hope. Hope brings happiness.


Remember that your happiness is not an external stimulation. It is not dependent on your mood or what others choose to do. It comes from within us. It comes from our deep belief in ourselves. We are worth it and we are amazing in what we have to bring to the world. Choose to be happy one more time today than you did yesterday. That is all it takes- one more time at a time.

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