Marriage Growth Program

This program Is a very successful six-week program that helps couples reconnect and gain understanding of the workings of a mutually agreeable relationship.

Skills taught:

  • Communication,
  • Understanding,
  • Awareness,
  • Self-evaluation,
  • Conflict resolution,
  • Managing unhealthy marriage cycles,
  • Managing anger issues,
  • Increase intimacy,
  • Increasing understanding,
  • Relationship growth,
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence

This is a 6-week program with homework. Couples can attend together or separately. There may be a need to do some one-on-ones with your coach.

Each session is designed personally to take you one step at a time to building a stronger connection. One step at a time to stopping the downward spiral ending in divorce.  All homework will be explained with examples and taking your life experiences to implement and understand your triggers and rewire your subconscious thoughts to something that serves you better. Each session is set to be personal and an opportunity to increase the peace and joy in your marriage. You can learn to absolutely LOVE YOUR MARRIAGE!

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