Parenting Growth Program

Stop the cycle of the power struggles, miss-trust, and overwhelming feeling of loss, fear of a child leaving your values, loss of the ideal family you wanted, loss of of control. Being a parent is a huge responsibility and many parents will feel that when their child is not doing well in life, they have failed. Good parenting is developing a child that has empathy, self-esteem, honesty and self-control. They will be happier, motivated by a desire to achieve when nurtured properly. Later in life, this will help the child through adolescence giving them a strong foundation and give them the wings to fly and achieve the great person they were meant to be. Help them be ready for their life.

Skills taught:

  • Communication skills
  • Being present
  • Instilling trust
  • How to set up rules that kids will follow
  • Active listening
  • Managing expectations
  • Increasing connection
  • How to set up chores
  • Helping kids to be responsible for their choices
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence.

Includes a 6-week program for parents with homework. Couples can attend together or separately. Children can sign up for personal growth sessions.

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