Stress and Women

New research from the University of Utah suggests that stressed marriages create a negative impact on the health of women. Women who feel depressed in strained marriages have an increased risk of… hypertension, waistline obesity, high blood sugar, high triglycerides and low levels of good cholesterol HDL. Stress in relationships can take a toll on physical health.

And yet, we live in a very stress-filled environment with many demands on our time and our attention. These demands can have a detrimental effect on us personally and on our closest personal relationships. It is important to conscientiously work to lower not only our stress level, but also the stress level of those around us. Here are some practical ways to lower stress.

Affection and touch –

Research shows that affection and touch improve physical and emotional health. This affection doesn’t necessarily mean intimacy. It just means a hug or snuggle or holding hands. This connection increases the sense of mutual sharing of the stress.

Just relax –

Try to smile more and be positive and happier.

Be present –

Live in the present. Focus and stay in the moment. In each moment, try to listen and pay attention.

Find humor –

Don’t let negative feelings surround you and overcome you. Look for something funny in your day.

Learn to say “No” –

When you say yes too often, it puts great strain on your family and your relationships. It allows others to determine how you live your daily life because your time is in such great demand.

Learn how to communicate and how to resolve conflict –

If you are able to talk about what you feel stressed about, the problem will diminish in size and will feel more manageable. If you can resolve a conflict, it will not continue to grow and fester.

Keep everything in perspective –

Ask yourself, “What am I doing this for? What really matters most to me? What do I most want to be remembered for?”

My challenge to you is to find out who needs your help today. Who needs to be de-stressed? Find a person to help and then figure out what you can do to help them. Absorb the stress for someone and help make their life a little better today.

Posted by Matt Townsend

Townsend Relationship Center