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Coach Kristena Eden can offer you a new way to see the world and your place in it.


25 Years of Education, Training and Experience


Author, Speaker, Teacher, Locally and Nationally


Trained with a Masters of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Masters of Mindfulness Practitioner


A Certified Relationship and Communication Coach with Over 25 Years of Training


Free In-Depth Virtual Beliefs and Perspectives Assessment

Life brings us many experiences and in turn we need to interpret them and they are stored in our subconscious mind. These interpretations become the rules that our lives are made of. They become lens we see life through. They define who we are, how we fit in, whether we trust people and whether we feel safe. How have your interpretations of your experiences affected your life?

What this assessment can tell you:

  • How accurately you see yourself.
  • Are you living your life in fear?
  • Can you distinguish good from bad?
  • How negative or positive you see your life.
  • What triggers your reactions?
  • What do you undervalue or overvalue?

This assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete. Take your time — the results are very thorough and insightful!

Meet Coach Kristena Eden

I am a certified relationship and communication coach with over 25 years of training, education and experience. I have a time tested proven process that is totally different from traditional therapy. You get faster results and more permanent changes, because the focus is on learning new skills and tools. I work on helping you to rewire the brain to manage life at a more connected and powerful way of living.

This process has been used by many Dr.‘s to help PTSD patients acclimate back into life. This is for any of your life situations. I use this process in my practice to help people overcome their marital problems, to develop better relationships at home and work, to improve communication, to stop the downward spirals and to find more happiness and connections to others. It is life changing. IF you just need a little boost or an overhaul. It works.


What We Offer

Personal Growth

Have you ever wondered why that the harder you work the farther behind you get? Do you feel stuck and can’t find the next right step? My personal growth system will take you from where you are to where you want to be. One of the best ways to find who you really are is to reach out and ask for help. Just one step at a time it can be an easier climb than you think. Today is a good day to start.

Marriage Growth

When we get married we feel like we have arrived. We are in so much love how could anything ever go wrong. We have a better relationship than anyone out there. Then all of a sudden life happens. And we find ourselves in turmoil. We think we still love each other yet it’s not working. There is a way to grow this relationship. It can be the best, and your significant other can be the one. Don’t keep waiting for things to change, reach out and let’s work to make that happen.

Parenting Growth

There’s what is called a “happiness bump” when you first have children. Around the first year seems to be like a new adventure. (Not counting the hard part for mommy in recovering or maybe the depression. Which is another story). Yet still there is that underlying feeling and hope that your children will be a prodigy or something great. Then again life happens and we find that these amazing humans have a brain of their own. How do we help our children be the best of who they are and not lose our minds over it?

Business Growth

Being at work should be a place for growth and great communication. Strong friendships and the ability to share ideas, and process. Working together can create amazing results. If you are not seeing the growth and progress maybe there needs to be an upscale in the soft skills to make this the best environment yet. Make your business one that everyone wants to be a part of and is pushing for its successes.

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