Who You’ll Be Working With

Meet Coach Kristena

Kristena can offer is a new way to see the world and your place in it.

She boasts 25 years of education, training and experience as a: Relationship and Communication Guru, Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Masters of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Masters of Mindfulness Practitioner.

What Our Clients Think

Why You Would Benefit from Coaching:

Even if we don’t realize it, right now your fears of failure and loss are creating emotional suffering, stress and negative noise in your head. You are the only one who knows just how much of these emotions you are experiencing.

Do you feel: Stressed, Depressed, Discouraged, Burned out, Afraid of failing, Unproductive, Overburdened, Anxious, Unappreciated, Unhappy

If you said YES to any of these you would benefit from Core Living Essentials.

Making your Life Better and Happier Fast!

We help with relationships, self-esteem, healthy thinking and learning to live the life you have wanted.

In-Person or Virtual Coaching Available

Office conveniently located Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus. Prefer to meet virtually? No problem! We can book your sessions online.

What I do as a Life Coach and Cognitive Therapist to Help you Succeed:

What I Do:

  • I create an atmosphere of trust, non-judgement, and support to help you identify what is holding you back.
  • I focus around good listening and asking you good questions to help you be more resilient and better equipped to cope in your situation. 
  • I want to help you find your own answers that work for you. 
  • I help you identify and work towards life goals.
  • I work to help you move forward in your career, relationships, and home life.
  • I help you with identifying core beliefs and working toward changing your perspective to become more productive. 
  • I have the goal of helping you reach your potential and encourage self-discovery.
  • I can help give understanding or see different options in life that could help propel you forward.
  • I can help you heal all of your relationships.
  • I can teach you how to grow your communication skills that can improve all relationships. 
  • I can help you see your own purpose and value.
  • I can help you overcome your fears.