Are you not living the Life everyone thinks you should?


Question – I feel like a failure because I can’t seem to live up to what everyone expects of me. What is my problem?


Answer – Life can drain the happiness, motivation, and joy out of us. No matter how hard we try, we end up being less than perfect. And on top of all that, others let us know it- whether they say it behind our back or to our face. We are so often told how inefficient we are.


The larger problem could be that we start to believe them. But in reality, we should not even be following that train of thought. The question we should start with is: are we trying too hard to live their ideal and not our own true path? We are so imbedded in our fear of not being good enough that we can easily miss seeing that the real problem is we are not choosing our own path or maybe we don’t even know our path.


This cycle will repeat itself if we do not take steps to see who we are personally and start to live that life. To stop that cycle, start with the question: whose life am I living? That can be a very difficult question with hard to find answers. Below are 5 skills that can help attain those answers:




In order to change a negative thought pattern, we must notice every time a personal negative thought comes to mind and then replace it with a positive thought or even a funny thought. For example, if someone, or yourself, says your house is such a mess. Your reply could be, “You could be right, but boy I can sure cook!”





Looking for the negative experiences in your life will always lead you to the negative and you will often miss the good. Looking for even the small things in life with gratitude will open your heart to even greater things. Your heart is drawn to what you are looking for. If you want the best, look for the best and be grateful for the portions of that which does come your way. Then you will not miss the best adventure. Spend two minutes a day to reflect on gratitude and write your experiences down.


Practicing GOOD habits makes perfect, not practicing BAD habits or negative thoughts.

Remember you are not what people think of you! Your value is unchangeable and no one has ever been in your shoes. Above all, love where you are in your adventure and love who you can be, then you will be it!