Learn to LIVE Your Life Workbook




Personal Workbook including chapters :

1- Life is a Paradox
2- Building a New Pattern for Life
3- Life is About a Hope for Better Things
4- The Nature of Life
5- Is Your Marriage or Life Broken?
6- How Broken is My Relationship?
7- It is Perfectly Okay to Admit You are Not Okay
8- Work Sheet Its okay to Admit Your Not Okay
9- Parenting is not what I expected! What happened?
10- Age Appropriate Chart
11- Communicating With Power
12- Is Anger Ever a Good Thing in a Relationship?
13- Measure Your Anger Meter
14- One emotion that can destroy your marriage
15- Dealing with Disappointment
16- Is Saying Sorry Demoting You?
17- How to Forgive Yourself and Others

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