What is Meditation?

Meditation is a state of concentrated attention on some thought or object of awareness. It usually involves turning your attention inward. Meditation is also defined as a state of relaxed concentration on the reality of the moment or an experience when the mind is free of all outside clutter. By using meditation we learn to use the analytical side of the brain as well as the creative side of the brain. Most of us are more dominant on one side of the brain or the other. Using both sides of the brain enhances our aptitude. Some of the benefits of deep meditation include changing the subconscious negative habits and rid your mind of harmful information or thoughts and fill it with healthy responses.

With meditation you can:
1- Rid yourself of bad habits
2- Enhance your health
3- Enhance creativity
4- Find your purpose in life
5- Increase your income
6- Increase your ability to see help from outside yourself
7- Find peace
8- Increase your ability to help others
9- Increase your brain power
10- Increase your aptitude for learning
11- Be more open to inspiration
12- Gain personal power to achieve your life purpose
13- Enhance the ability to receive and give love
14- Commune with your higher power
15- Increase the joy of everyday living

My “General Meditation” CD and the “Finding the Path to Health and Peace” CD has two complete tracts. The first tract has background music and a meditation guide to help you through the process. The music was written in accordance to the classic composers so that it helps one to reach a deep inward meditative state. The guide takes you step-by-step into a deep meditation teaching you how to reach a state of total relaxation, then how to change your subconscious and finally rise to higher levels. The second tract is only the music for when you no longer want or need a guide.

Meditation CDs can be ordered