Story of Hope (Mother Daughter)

Mother and Daughter

Every one of us struggles and often we don’t know where to find answers but sometimes we can find our own solutions through other’s experiences. I have met so many amazing people over the years. A few months ago, I met a mother and daughter who struggled being around each other. Their conversations consisted of arguments, accusations, and inconsiderate actions. The daughter felt her personal friend time was constantly cut short by her mother and the mother felt the daughter would just not listen. The years of struggle and frustration began to affect their health. Both of them expected the other to change and this behavior continued until it nearly destroyed their relationship and their health. In a last effort for things to improve between them, they found my personal growth program. After 12 weeks of personal homework and in person discussions, they began to understand each other’s viewpoint. Each of us communicates in our own way but not everyone understands what we say the way we intend and through the skills taught in my program they soon realized what each other really meant. They began to heal the breach between them. Today they have a healthy and happy relationship where they fully understand each other’s needs and even spend time together on girl’s night out. We all have room to improve our relationships and just think about how much more meaningful our relationships could be through a few effective techniques. Take the free assessment on my website: and begin the journey to improved relations in all areas of your life.